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Perahu Canoe (Canadian Canoe)

Kategori Perahu - Canadian Canoe)
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KodeCanadian Canoe
Di lihat 1586 kali
Berat ( /pcs )60 Kg
Harga Rp 15.000.000 20.000.000
Anda Hemat Rp 5.000.000 (25.00%)
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Tourism and Exploration Canoe
Made from Indonesia mahogany and best craftsmanship of boat building technique. We want to share our passion with you in this product.


A passion to share
We live to believe that workshop is a borderless canvass, with instruments as the paintbrush and visionary boat builder as the key artist.
Those aspects create one  historical creation on to be guarded in limitless gallery of God. That is the reason why we live with passion and little touch of art and growing
technology to resemble all little dreams and build boatyard to meet every expectation and satisfaction.


Principal Dimension
Length:  4.5 meter
Width:  0.85 meter
Height: 0.34 meter
Max. load:  2 pax
Weight: 60 kg


Well designed
The first act before we produce the “art” are drawing and calculating of her hydrodynamic performance.
She will capsize at 44.50  heel. We have simulated to show how will be she looks at 440 heel.


This design will allow people with no experience of paddling with this type of canoe to feel safer and more comfortable.


INDONESIA MAHOGANY as the main construction material of canoe selected by filtering the knot size, the color, and grain direction.
Mahogany also as the one of luxury wood in Europe.


Only the best selected material used
We also used teak in some part of the canoe such stem post, stern post, and some parts of skin hull.


Upside-down strip planks building method inspired by modern wooden yacht
We choose strip plank method because we want to share how beautiful wooden boat when she is correctly build.
Using combined power tools and manual hand tools to create precisely wooden boat


We use bended frames to make boat stiffer, stronger, but still light.
Using mahogany as frames


Finishing for canoe using varnish.
Our canoes using best  mahogany paddle as  propulsion.

It is an honor to share our passion and dreams with you.



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